Road Map to Success

Start Your Orthodontic Adventure!

Let the SE Ortho Roadmap to Success guide you throughout your Orthodontic Adventure!  Follow it from “start to finish” and you will learn all you need to know to achieve that healthy beautiful smile.

Please click on any of the orange words on the map to open the corresponding video.

How to use Wax Clear Retainers Signs of Poor Hygiene Foods to Avoid Broken Brackets Loose Bands Poking Wires Brushing with Braces How to Use a Proxabrush How To Floss Banding Expander Impressions Separators How to use Elastics Parts of Braces

Below is a list of educational videos featured along the way:

1. Parts of Braces

2. How to use Wax

3. How to use Elastics

We have three great videos about elastics. Please click the links below to open a new window and watch the awesome videos!

4. Separators

5. Impressions

6. Expander

7. Banding

8. How to Floss

9. How to Use a Proxabrush

10. Brushing with Braces

11. Poking Wires

12. Loose Bands

13. Broken Brackets

14. Foods to Avoid

15. Signs of Poor Hygiene

16. Clear Retainers