Intraoral ScannerWe utilize the latest technological treatment advances in our industry, to provide the highest quality treatment outcome in the most efficient and comfortable manner. We use leading edge office technologies to provide HIPAA compliant patient charting, efficient office management across multiple locations and streamlined communications between you, your dentist and our orthodontists. This ensures that you receive the most effective and efficient care possible at each location.


SureSmile Archwires: 
In patients with braces, archwires conform to the dental arch, threading through brackets bonded to the teeth. SureSmile Archwires are created through robotic technology that uses 3D digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and dental arch. Each patient-specific archwire is a highly accurate representation of the treatment plan created by the orthodontist.  

SureSmile Indirect Bonding: 
Traditionally, individual brackets are applied directly to a patient’s teeth one at a time. Using SureSmile Indirect Bonding technology, brackets are first fitted to the patient’s dental impressions before they are applied to the teeth simultaneously, while still leaving plenty of opportunity for adjustments. Indirect bonding provides a faster, more accurate, and more comfortable patient experience.

Treatment Simulation/Planning:
SureSmile software allows orthodontists to visualize a patient’s treatment plan, enabling them to plan treatment options, conduct demonstrations for their patients, and consult with other professionals in the field. Features of the SureSmile treatment simulation software help doctors generate multiple treatment simulations and achieve their clinical goals more precisely, thereby reducing treatment time by up to 30%.

SureSmile Aligners: 
Clear orthodontic aligners can help to straighten a patient’s teeth without traditional braces. SureSmile Aligners are ideal for cases requiring moderate tooth movement, and are often used during the end stages of orthodontic treatment. Custom-built for each patient’s dental arch, the aligners are fully adjustable following changes in tooth movement throughout treatment. 


iCAT:  Unlike traditional 2-dimensional X-rays, the iCAT scanner takes a 3D image of not only the patient’s teeth, but the entire dental arch and airways. The iCAT machine uses lower radiation and provides more information than a traditional X-ray image, ensuring more accurate treatment and lending powerful diagnostic ability to the orthodontist. 

3Shape Intraoral Scanner:  This intraoral scanner is a light-weight, hand-held wand that glides over the patient’s teeth to generate a 3D map of teeth, dental arch, palate, and gums. These highly accurate digital impressions are invaluable in the creation of custom-fit appliances, and even allow doctors to simulate treatment options in complex surgical cases.

Dolphin Management and Imaging:
Dolphin Management and Imaging software allows us to efficiently and securely record detailed treatment visit activities and easily capture, retrieve, print and present patient records and images to ensure you receive the most effective care possible. All of our technology integrates with Dolphin to ensure a seamless flow of information, between scheduling, treatment entries, financial data and imaging.

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