SureSmile Archwires

SureSmile Archwires
Posted on 01/24/2019

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that we’ve been introducing patients to the leading edge technology we employ in our orthodontic treatments. Last time, we got familiar with SureSmile Indirect Bonding, the first step in our customized process of creating a healthy, beautiful smile. SureSmile Indirect Bonding is an invaluable tool that improves patient comfort and experience by streamlining the initial appointment of applying braces. 

Now, we bring you up close and personal with SureSmile Archwires! Archwires are the metal wires that conform to the patient’s dental arch and are held in place by the brackets affixed to each tooth. Traditionally, orthodontists bend these archwires by hand into a generic, curved shape while the patient sits in the treatment chair. This process can be arduous and cause some frustration for both Doctor and patient, not to mention discomfort for the patient. 

Fortunately, we now have technology available to improve everyone’s experience when it comes to applying archwires. SureSmile Archwires are customized and robotically bent for each of our patients. Our chairside assistants take a digital impression and send the information to our SureSmile software. Our Doctors then use the powerful 3D software to create a customized archwire which will move the teeth to their ideal position. This allows for maximum smile esthetics while assuring proper placement of the teeth in the jaw bones. 

Once our Doctors approve the virtual treatment plan in the SureSmile software, it is then transferred to the lab where a robot bends a high-grade metal alloy wire to shape, following the Doctor’s prescription. The customized, robotically-bent archwires are then shipped directly to our office. SureSmile Archwire technology literally takes the job out of our hands and puts the most powerful technology into your smile!

This is what the wire-shaping process looks like on screen as the robot works.

Perhaps the coolest part of the whole process is in the installation. SureSmile Archwires are made from a material called Shape Memory Alloy; once placed in a patient’s mouth, the material responds to body temperature, and the wires move seamlessly into place as if they know where to go! In a word, awesome. 

With SureSmile’s incredible robotic technology, we can: 

-Create customized smiles for each patient 
-Guarantee better overall treatment results 
-Prevent inaccuracies in the curve of the archwire
-Reduce the number of wire changes over the course of treatment
-Save substantial time both in the installation and overall treatment process (up to 33%)

Ask our knowledgeable staff about SureSmile Archwires the next time you’re in our office. We’re committed to keeping you up-to-date on the incredible technology we have available to us and invite you to share in the excitement these tools can bring to the whole orthodontic treatment process. Be sure to share this with your friends and family members too! Until next time, keep SMILING!