Southeast Orthodontics: The Patient Experience

Southeast Orthodontics: The Patient Experience
Posted on 10/01/2020

When shopping around for an orthodontist, of course a doctor’s expertise and access to cutting-edge technology is a major priority on a potential client’s checklist. A doctor with a long-standing reputation of excellence instills confidence, as does a wall full of certifications and accolades. But does this doctor make you feel at ease? Does their staff greet you with a smile? Do they crack a joke to let you know they’re human too?

Questions of comfort and safety should be right up there with questions of competency, as the latter without the former can make for an unpleasant visit. A positive experience at any doctor’s office, no matter the nature of the appointment, can make a lifelong patient out of a first-time visitor. Southeast Orthodontics keeps that notion top of mind when welcoming new and prospective patients to their practice.

Whether a patient’s introduction to Southeast Orthodontics is in person, online, or over the phone, treatment coordinator Ashley Licata says ease of navigation is what sets the practice apart at first blush. Their website is mobile- and user-friendly, featuring simple navigation that seeks to answer all questions a newcomer might have. Southeast Orthodontics’ office staff are friendly and exceedingly helpful, greeting each visitor with a smile and guiding them through necessary paperwork. If screens aren’t your thing and a visit to the office isn’t possible, the staff will walk you through the new patient process over the phone. The practice even has an Emergency Phone Service available should an after-hours concern arise!

Ashley says that the thing patients most often comment on is the staff’s and doctors’ thoroughness. Southeast Orthodontics’ number one goal is to make the patient experience as smooth and as positive as possible, and a big part of that comes from empowering patients with knowledge. Doctors and staff will spend as much time as it takes to explain a treatment plan to patients and their parents, from billing to brushing to brackets. The purpose of this thoroughness is to ensure that patients leave each visit with a clear understanding of the whys and hows of their treatment plan.  

When he enters the exam room to greet a patient, Dr. Brian Gaudreault makes it his first priority to connect with them on a personal level. He finds that this seemingly small act sets the patient at ease and makes them feel more at home. With the aid of the treatment coordinator, Dr. Gaudreault takes the time to explain treatment plans to the patient and their parents step-by-step, answering any questions that come up and addressing concerns with compassion and expertise. No patient leaves the office without a clear understanding of appliance care and maintenance, oral hygiene, and the do’s and don’ts that make for a successful orthodontic experience. According to Dr. Gaudreault, when patients and their parents actively engage in the treatment plan—by asking questions, expressing concerns, and reading literature made available about their procedures—it vastly improves their overall experience. Knowledge really is power!

From the front desk to the treatment room, Dr. Gaudreault, Ashley, and the whole Southeast Orthodontics team agree that the practice’s top quality is their customer service. This is the message they hope their patients will spread to their friends and family: that not only does Southeast Orthodontics excel in their field, but they do so with a level of care that proves their dedication to their clients. Cutting-edge technology, in-depth explanations, transparency, safety measures and attention to detail all account for the practice’s stellar reputation, but their consideration for their patients is what sets them apart. 

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