Southeast Orthodontics Lakeville Celebrates Second Anniversary

Southeast Orthodontics Lakeville Celebrates Second Anniversary
Posted on 06/14/2019

Since 2017, Southeast Orthodontics Lakeville has been bringing quality, cutting-edge orthodontic treatment to Lakeville and neighboring towns. The youngest of the practice’s five locations, Southeast Orthodontics Lakeville is celebrating its two-year anniversary this summer! Conveniently located at 40 Main Street in Baldies Plaza, Southeast Orthodontics Lakeville is an easy commute from surrounding towns like Middleboro, Berkley, Freetown, and Rochester. 

When the Lakeville office opened its doors, Southeast Orthodontics’ founding doctor Brian Gaudreault and team were proud to introduce technology that was entirely new to the practice, like 3D X-ray imaging and digital impressions. Groundbreaking at the time, it was their hope that these tools would soon become standard across the orthodontic industry. Since then, Southeast Orthodontics’ doctors and staff have gotten plenty of practice and education on these and other cutting-edge technologies, making them one of the most trusted orthodontic practices in the state. Patients and local dental professionals certainly can vouch for Southeast Orthodontics and its reputation in the community.

“When a patient is considering orthodontic treatment it is so important for them to keep in mind that all orthodontic treatment is not equal,” says Dr. Chuong Pham of Lakeville Dental Associates. “Southeast Orthodontics ranks at the top due to their commitment to advanced technology and exceptional patient care.” Dr. Pham confidently refers his patients to Dr. Gaudreault and his team, and trusts they will receive the best care possible.

Dr. Gregory Bartek of East Grove Family Dental in Middleboro agrees, and says he feels fortunate to have Southeast Orthodontics in his practice’s network of specialists. “Dr. Gaudreault and his team demonstrate a track record of perpetual excellence in the field of orthodontics,” he says. “This group of passionate providers utilizes the latest advances in technology in order to achieve desired outcomes in a comforting manner.”

But you don’t have to be a DMD to know that Southeast Orthodontics offers something special.

“It was always reassuring that you would see an actual doctor when you went to each visit,” says Kerry Peroni, the mother of three boys who were all treated at Southeast Orthodontics. “The technicians that worked on my sons were fabulous, but the additional touch of always having access to speak to the doctor really made the difference for us!”

Dr. Gaudreault, Dr. Benjamin Gamm, and Dr. Staci Paletta prove their dedication to their patients by providing cutting edge technology and advanced software to ensure the best possible treatment, comfort, and efficiency. And the staff are an essential part of that equation! “Lakeville Dental happily refers their patients to Southeast Orthodontics with the confidence that Dr. Gaudreault, his associates and staff will provide our patients with the highest quality orthodontic care,” says Dr. Pham. “The entire staff at SEO also sets the tone by providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere as soon as a patient walks through the door.”

The physical space of the Lakeville office echoes that sentiment. The office is spacious and stylishly-appointed, with private treatment rooms for patients’ comfort. “Extremely clean, bright and cheery!” says mom Kerry of the office. “The staff always made my three boys feel right at home, and it was always a fun experience going to each visit.” What a great thing to get to say about your orthodontist’s office! Here’s to many more years of success and patient satisfaction.

Southeast Orthodontics Lakeville is accepting new patients for Summer 2019. Please visit, or call 508-880-5891 to schedule an appointment. And remember to always keep smiling!