Celebrating One Year with Dr. Gamm in Mansfield

Celebrating One Year with Dr. Gamm in Mansfield
Posted on 06/19/2018

Southeast Orthodontics Celebrates One Year with Dr. Gamm in Mansfield Location

June is cause for celebration at Southeast Orthodontics! One year ago this month, Dr. Benjamin Gamm of Gamm Orthodontics joined forces with Southeast Orthodontics, helmed by Dr. Brian Gaudreault, and neither doctor has looked back. It’s been a year of growth, education, and new ventures for the practice, and the doctors can say without a doubt that the partnership is well worth it.

Since Dr. Gamm’s practice was acquired by Southeast Orthodontics in June 2017, the three doctors at Southeast Orthodontics--including Dr. Staci Paletta--have learned a lot from each other. Their practice now serves the communities of Mansfield, Raynham, Lakeville, Dartmouth, and Nantucket. Their office spaces have been renovated and updated with the latest in orthodontic technology, such as cone beam 3D imaging and digital impression capabilities. Improvements in patient communications, insurance processing, and scheduling tools have helped streamline the patient experience. Perhaps above all, the doctors’ ability to travel makes them invaluable assets to the five communities they serve.

Dr. Gaudreault, previously unfamiliar with and little-known in Mansfield, is positive the doctors’ collaboration will instill confidence in patients there. More time has been allocated to Dr. Gaudreault to see new patients in Mansfield, whom he is looking forward to meeting. “It’s been a pleasure working with Dr. Gamm this past year, learning from him and seeing how much his patients enjoy being treated by him,” says Dr. Gaudreault. “We’re both excited about this new chapter, and introducing this new technology to Dr. Gamm’s patient base, while continuing that great quality care we’re both known for.”

A few years ago, in his own practice, Dr. Gamm encountered a patient in need of a complicated surgical procedure to save their smile. He knew just the person to call for backup and advice: fellow long-practicing orthodontist Dr. Brian Gaudreault of Southeast Orthodontics. Until this point, the two practices had not experienced much crossover: Gamm Orthodontics was based in Mansfield, while Southeast Orthodontics covered a crescent swathe from Raynham to Nantucket. Dr. Gamm knew that Dr. Gaudreault had more experience with difficult surgical cases, and that he was starting to incorporate the cutting-edge technology necessary for such challenging procedures into his practice. Both doctors were grateful for their ability to connect on this case. But that wasn’t to be the end of their collaboration.

“I mentioned to Dr. Gaudreault that if, in five years or so, he would consider merging our practices, the offer was open,” says Dr. Gamm. At the time, Dr. Gamm was beginning to find the pressures of owning his own practice a lot to handle. “I wanted to get back to doing what I loved, focusing solely on the patients,” he says. The doctors’ communication regarding a merger continued over the next few months. “I was intrigued and started listening to all Dr. Gaudreault had to offer,” Dr. Gamm says. “I knew it would work for me.”

One area in which Dr. Gamm had felt his practice could improve was incorporating cutting-edge orthodontic technology; here, he knew that Dr. Gaudreault had more experience. The merger of the two practices, coming when it did, couldn’t have been more fortuitous for Dr. Gamm or for his patients.

Dr. Gamm may now be practicing as part of the Southeast Orthodontics team, but he wants to reassure loyal patients in Mansfield that he hasn’t gone anywhere--not to mention he’s joined forces with talented doctors whose work he can vouch for. “Dr. Gaudreault has the same kind of passion and drive that I have,” Dr. Gamm says. “He treats everybody with respect.” And the doctors’ work is never done in the community: Drs. Gaudreault, Gamm, and Paletta continue to build and maintain relationships with other dental professionals in their territories, connecting their team to the best local dental health practitioners. The doctors will also be visiting area schools with their fun, interactive dental care presentations, continuing Dr. Gamm’s tradition of making the rounds with his assistant, Donnie the Dragon!

Dr. Gamm is confident his patients from Gamm Orthodontics can put their trust in any of the three doctors at Southeast Orthodontics. “We’re a team now. We have three minds going over cases,” he says with pride. He encourages continued referrals to Southeast Orthodontics, and assures patients that he is here to stay and better than ever!

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